Repairs & Servicing


If you think your garage door needs to be repaired or serviced then call the experts at Easy Glide on 0409 000 026.


We can solve some problems over the phone, otherwise, one of our experienced technicians can drop past, do a thorough inspection, diagnose the problem and have your garage door working as soon as possible.


Garage doors should be visually inspected every six months for any wear and tear to the tracks, guide lugs, springs, brackets etc… but you only need professional servicing once every 2 years, unless you live in a coastal area - then your garage door will will require more frequent inspection and servicing. Like anything, with a little care and attention, your garge door will keep performing long into the future


Your garage door and motor should be working 24/7 and in all weather conditions. The last thing we want is for something to go wrong and for you to be locked out of your garage late at night or exposed to the elements.


Whether you need repairs or replacement parts for your garage door, a motor or a remote, we can help


 Our experienced service technicians can:-

  • Perform lubrication, maintenance and alignment checks
  • Replace garage door motors
  • Replace garage door motor electronics and parts
  • Code new or existing garage door remotes
  • Replace tracks and brackets
  • Replace weather seals, cables and springs
  • Install new barrels, keys or complete locks