Parts, Accessories & Remotes


We have fully stocked vehicles with part, accessories and remotes for most garage doors. If we don't have what you need to solve your problem we can order it in and have it to you in a couple of working days. Call Easy Glide on 0409 000 026 for all your garage door requirements.


Garage Remotes


We have a range of garage door remotes that are all high quality, with one in the range that will suit your individual preference. We stock remotes that are compatible with Merlin, ATA, B&D, Gliderol, Steel-Line and Boss garage door openers.


Having a garage remote control allows you to bypass the inconvenience of having to manually open the garage door. Imagine coming home and entering your garage without having to brave the elements of Melbourne's weather.






If you need accessories like digital keyless entry, handsets, emergency key release. wireless wall mounted remotes then talk to us and we'd be happy to help you.


Below is a list of the optional accessories available


  • Wall or visor mounted three button remote control


With the 3 button car visor remote control you can operate up to 3 doors with one remote which easily attaches to your car visor. A convenient and versatile spare remote. You can control up to three powered garage doors.


  • Wall or visor mounted single button remote control


The single button remote control has a car visor clip and can control one powered garage door.


  • Three button mini remote control


Genuine Merlin 3 button keyring remote with ability to code Merlin Security+ 2.0. Can control up to three powered garage doors.


  • Wireless keypad


Genuine Merlin Wireless Security Keypad with the ability to code Merlin Security+ 2.0. Now you can have keyless entry to your home with security. It is perfect for the family, trades people, or even just going for a walk. Leave your keys at home with the peace of mind that your home is secure. Keyless entry via 4 digit access code.


  • Wireless Safety Beams


Our battery powered Wireless Safety Beams from ATA allow you to protect your family, pets and possession without the unsightly conduit or difficulty in installation required by traditional units. Learn more...


  • Smart Phone Control


Control and monitor your garage door or gate from anywhere* with your smart phone. Receive push notifications about your garage door and gate's status, customise user settings, view past activities, set various opening modes and more in the Automatic Technology app. Learn more...


  • Protector System (safety IR beams)


The Safety Beam Protector System reliably stops opening and closing when the beam is obstructed or broken. This safety feature can prevent  injury or damage to your vehicle, person or pet. 


  • Four button slider remote control


Genuine Merlin 4 button slider remote with ability to code Merlin Security+ 2.0. LED indicator. Can control up to 4 powered garage doors and has long range frequency. 



If your garage door is jammed or stuck it is at risk of collapsing and it's best to get one of our trained technicians out to get it back on track. Our vehicles are fully stocked with garage door parts including;

  • Door rollers
  • Chain drives
  • Torsion springs
  • Variety of hinges
  • Gears
  • Cable pulleys
  • J-Arms
  • Cables