Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I fit a garage door motor on my old garage door?


A. Yes you can, we have motors to fit all garage doors both new and old providing there is enough clearances for it to work.



Q. Can I change my old garage door to a new garage door?


A. Yes, we can replace your old garage door to a new modern Colorbond garage door.



Q. Can I get hand controls for my garage door motor?


A. We can provide hand controls for most garage door motors both old and new.



Q. Why won't my garage door go up?


A. Sometimes it's just a simple as a service, other times, something could be broekn (ie. springs, cables, etc), we can generally work this out over the phone.



Q. My garage door motor light is blinking at me, what could it be?


A. Depending on the brand of the motor, it generally means something is wrong with either the door or the motor and a professional needs to attend to investigate.



Q. I can't open my garage door and I need to get my car out, what can I do?


A. You can pull down on the release cord and open the garage door by hand until a technician can come out and have a look.



Q. I have damaged my garage door, what should I do?


A. You can contact us and if we can't fix the door, we will write up a report for your insurance company.



Q. Should my garage door and motor be serviced?


A. Yes, to optimise the life of the door and motor and for the safety of your family, the garage door and motor should be serviced every 2 years or when it plays up, whichever comes first.