Carport Conversions


Call Easy Glide Garage Doors on 0409 000 026 if you want to explore the options around converting your carport to a garage.


If you are looking to have more usable storage space or added protection and security for your vehicle then a carport conversion is one of the besy ways to achieve this.


As long as the carport structure (roof, concrete floor) is solid and in good condition, then 1/2 the work has been done. Here are the steps to complete the conversion;

  1. Put stud between the posts for wall cladding
  2. Fix the cladding to the walls
  3. Build a frame for the garage door
  4. Install the garage door


If you want to automate the garage door, the opener needs to be correctly mounted. It's best to get the professionals at Easy Glide to do the installation. Call us on 0409 000 026 to discuss your individual requirements and get your questions answered.