Custom Garage Doors


If you can't find a garage door in the large range of standard Easy Glide door styles and colours then we can work closely with you to design, manufacture and install a custom door in the style your desire with the features to suit your property.


Call us on 0409 000 026 to discuss the profile, style, colour, material and physical requirements you have and together we can develop a solution.

3 easy steps to selecting a custom door


1. Pick you door style

Available in several frame styles, all can be tailored and customised to suit the style of your home.

 click here to view the 7 door styles 


2. Select your panel type

There are 6 panel material types to choose from to compliment the look and feel of your design.

 click here to view the different panel materials


3. Choose your colour

Each panel type is available in a range of colours specifically selected to compliment your chosen door style.

click here to view the variety of colours available